“I’m a Researcher, Get me out of here!”

While some of the OCEAN Lab hosted a games stall “Do you see what I see?” on Broad Street, our own Sam Parsons was participating in the live final of “I’m a Researcher, Get me out of here!” During the event, students and their parents were able to interact with the 5 researchers that had won the most votes throughout September and ask their questions in person. We had lively conversations about how our research gets published, what our most exciting findings were, and how our research can help the world. Congratulations to Priyanka Dhopade who won and donated the winnings to a charity that works towards encouraging girls into STEM subjects. Although Sam didn’t achieve the winning vote, he is keen to follow on from “I’m a Researcher” and continue his blog/podcast regularly to answer more students questions and to talk about the realities of being a researcher.

Find out more on his blog post here…


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