Psychology Lunchtime Talks

Charlotte Booth recently visited a school to give 3 fascinating lunchtime talks on the “Development of the Teenage Brain.” The talks were very engaging and informative, and attended by students in Years 11, 12 and 13 who were interested in Psychology. It was a great opportunity for the students to extend their understanding of the brain and in particular their own developing brain, as well as learn about career pathways within Psychology.

This is a review by a Year 11 student who studies Psychology and Biology:

“As we had not learnt much about the brain previously, in either Biology or Psychology, many of us were enthusiastic about attending a talk on The Teenage Brain by Charlotte Booth, a researcher from Oxford University!

During the talk, she explained how our prefrontal cortex develops last, which could explain the teenage stereotype of ‘reckless behaviour’, and about how our brains have recently been discovered to continue to develop well into early adulthood (one could argue that some people’s brains never mature!). We learnt about how our social senses develop as we become more aware of other people, and showed us how studies had been done to show differences in the way an 11 year-old would think socially, and how 15 year-olds would interpret social contexts. All in all, the talk was informative and we understood her well.”



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