Stress, Mood and Anxiety

This CoGBIAS project focuses on biases in individual’s processing of ‘positive or negative’ information. Biases in, for instance, attention orienting, information interpretation, and memory for valenced information, are associated with vulnerability for mood and anxiety disorders.

Impulse and Addictions

In project 2 of the cogBIAS program, we are investigating preferential processing (cognitive biases) of food and alcohol related information. The particular aim within this project is to investigate whether these biases are different in individuals with strong preferences for food and alcohol and to what extent these biases depend on individual differences in impulsivity and genetics.

Adolescent Development

This part of the CogBIAS Project will investigate how a range of cognitive biases and action tendencies develop in a large cohort of adolescents. Our first study is going to collect data from a sample of 500 young adolescents when they start secondary school at the age of eleven, and follow this cohort for the entirety of their secondary school education until the age of sixteen.