Impulsivity and Addictions

In project 2 of the cogBIAS program, we are investigating preferential processing (cognitive biases) of food and alcohol related information. The particular aim within this project is to investigate whether these biases are different in individuals with strong preferences for food and alcohol and to what extent these biases depend on individual differences in impulsivity and genetics. We are using a variety of behavioural tasks that assess motivational action tendencies and reward sensitivity in combination with genetics in healthy human volunteers. In the first phase of the project (starting October 2014) we are going to collect data from a sample of 400 healthy volunteers aged between 18-40. In a second phase of the project we are interested in finding out to what extent these maladaptive biases can be modified. We will develop training programs in which these biases can be adapted.

Get involved

We are currently recruiting participants for phase 1 of project 2. If you are interested in participating, or would like some more information on how to be involved, then please contact the coordinating researcher Desiree Spronk